Jacobe Coulter seems like a great kid and I'd like your help in proving to this young man that people really do care.

Here's Jacobe's story

As I said, Jacobe seem like a great kid, but he's a bit withdrawn and doesn't make friends easily. We all know kids like this. They're in every school in the world. Jacobe did have one very special friend, but that friend was taken away.

Dan Coulter

Jacobe's friend was his dog, 'Belle' who was killed while the family was away on vacation and now, Jacobe feel that he is all alone and that in this huge world and that no one cares.

We've all gone to school and, let's face it, kids like Jacobe are the kind of kids who get bullied. Here's a chance for us to help someone turn a corner.

Here's where you come in:

We all know that folks in Southwest Louisiana are very caring people, so I want you to write Jacobe a letter letting him know that people do care about the problems of every single person.


It doesn't have to be a ten page theme, just a short note will do. How about a picture postcard from SOWELA? Just a few words of encouragement would do wonders. Let's stuff this kids mailbox!

Here's Jacobe's address :

Jacobe Martin, PO BOX 4281, Grand Junction, CO 81502
Just a few words of encouragement. The family is not asking for donations or anything else.