We have all heard about people who break up with someone before Christmas or Valentine's Day so they don't have to buy presents, flowers, dinner or anything else. let's turn that around. How long do you think you should be dating someone before you take them to dinner for Valentine's Day?

Flickr/ Partha Sarathi Sahana


In a new survey, 42% of people said you should only do Valentine's dinner if you have been dating at least two months. So you should not take someone to dinner that you have been dating six weeks? Treat them like that and you'll never make seven weeks!

37% said you should be dating three months before a valentine dinner! Who are these cheap, completely unromantic people? Maybe there is a reason they are single!If you love this person; celebrate that love. There are a lot of people out there who do not have that.

I have been married 24 years and I will give you some very good advice. First of all you had better send her some flowers at work. It is important for her to show her coworkers that she is loved. Do this even if you do nothing else. Now you want to know how to go all out?

There are two avenues to take. You can have dinner out or dinner in. If it's dinner out make it special. Make a reservation at a nice quiet place. The buffet is not romantic! Make sure your bring a special card or gift to share after the meal. Spare no expense.  Dinner in is my favorite because you can really customize the evening (and there might be rewards if you know what I mean.)

Start by laying a path of rose petals from the door to the bathtub where you have a bubble bath for her waiting. Have her a glass of wine and candles by the tub. Have some nice music playing at a low volume. Have a warm towel waiting for her and maybe a nice dress ready for her. Then let her enjoy her bath alone while you prepare a special dinner. Serve the dinner by candle light. You serve everything and clean everything.. After dinner have "The Notebook" loaded in the DVD player and watch it together. If you do this ...I can guaranty you she will appreciate it.

Take the extra step, make the effort, plan ahead and be ready. If she isn't worth it, you are with the wrong person..