Who knew that there were "secret" menu items available at all the top fast food restaurants? I had no idea. I figured that all the options were listed on the menu. Besides that, I'm kind of a creature of habit, and I seldom even think of going "off menu", as they say.

Well, it turns out that there are all kinds of things at McDonalds, Burger King, and Sonic that aren't even on the menu. In fact, some of the items that have been "discontinued" are actually still available, especially if you find someone who has been with the restaurant for awhile.

Included in the "secret" items are:

Wendy's: The Barnyard Burger - it's a big one, with beef and chicken patties

Starbucks - They can make just about any flavor you care to dream up

Taco Bell- The Cheesy Gordito Crunch, or try the Incredible Hulk - it's a somewhat healthier version of the 5 layer burrito

Those are only a handful of the off-menu items you can find at most fast food places. For more, just watch the video.