You ran home from the store, locked yourself in your room, sat on your pink shag rug with a Tab and a pack of candy cigarettes and swooned as you read and re-read the Tiger Beat article on Scott Baio (with pictures!).  Well, maybe you won't admit to doing this, but I know I did.  And it thrills the teenager in me to know that Scott is making a return to TV.

Happy Days got a whole lot happier when he arrived.  Joanie loved Chachi, but not as much as I did.  Charles was in charge, but I never had babysitters that were soooooo cute! I even watched episodes of "Out of This World," "Full House," "The Nanny," "Veronica's Closet," and "Touched by an Angel" when I knew he would make a guest appearance.

So you can imagine my joy at learning that Nickelodeon had ordered 20 episodes of a new comedy called "Daddy's Home" starring Scott Baio, himself.  Scott will play David Hobbs, an actor who, after 10 years of starring as America's favorite TV dad, becomes a stay-at-home father to honor the deal he made with his soap-star wife so she can return to the limelight.

I don't know about you, but I'll be setting my DVR for this one!