Someone in the Sandusky camp commented prior to sentencing that, "anything over 20 years is a life sentence." Today Judge John Cleland handed down even more than that.

Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky received a sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison Tuesday for his conviction on child sexual abuse charges.

Sandusky had a chance to address the court just before just before Judge John Cleland relayed the sentence.

An attorney for the prosecution, Matt Casey, pointed out that, in Sandusky's remarks, he spoke about himself and all the good things he's done without once even mentioning his victims. The attorney added, "The thing that struck me was the utter lack of remorse and the delusion that he lives with."

Three of the victims also had their chance to address Sandusky face to face. One looked at Sandusky and said,  "You forcibly touched me; I don't forgive you."

Sandusky's attorneys have said they will ask for a new trial citing a lack of time allowed to present a proper case.