It was one of the hot potato stories of 2012. Education reform had folks on both sides of the table stirred up and, in a very rare event, teachers walked in Baton Rouge to protest some of the reforms.

A judge's ruling is expected some time tomorrow on the subject.


A Baton Rouge district court judge says he'll announce his decision Tuesday on whether Gov. Bobby Jindal's revamp of teacher tenure and salary laws was passed in violation of the state constitution.

Judge Michael Caldwell  told lawyers that he's "gone back and forth on this case" and hadn't yet reached a ruling.

The bill made changes to the powers of school boards, teacher hiring and firing rules, teacher pay scales, the duties of principals and the job protection status known as teacher tenure.

The Louisiana Federation of Teachers filed the lawsuit. LFT lawyer Larry Samuel says Jindal and lawmakers violated the constitution by cramming multiple objects into one bill.

Attorney Jimmy Faircloth, representing the state, says all parts of the bill were related to teacher employment.