Here I go again, getting up on my soapbox about people acting raggedy.

One of the greatest weapons law enforcement has is the fact that so many people who want to run drugs through this area just don't seem to understand the concept of keeping a low profile.

For the second time in just a few days, a routine traffic stop has lead to the arrest of a person bringing drugs through the area.

To prove my point about this, let's meet 56-year-old Mitchell Ray Wilson. Wilson was tooling through I -10 and found himself looking at police lights in his rear view mirror. Now, we don't know hat law he violated, but the bottom line is that he got pulled over and started acting all "hinky" which is a cop word for "suspicious."

Well, Wilson said, "Go ahead and search my car", or something in that price range. Police found about 6 ounces of coke under the center console (what a crummy hiding place) of the car. That's about $10,000 worth in street value.

Wilson was arrested for drug possession and was booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center. Bond has not been set at this time.

And it all started because of another routine traffic stop.