Isn't it funny how many people running drugs through the area get busted and sent to jail, and it all starts with a routine traffic stop?

Now, you'd think that people with something to hide would make sure everything on their car is legal and that they would obey all the traffic laws, but no, they come through here like people who are already on the run from the law and then they're shocked when they get busted. These folks are not mental giants.

Well, just such a routine traffic stop lead to the arrest of Kalisha Peace, 30, and the passenger, Thomas Butler, Jr., 31, both of Bolton, Mississippi. It seems that when they were pulled over they started acting kind of suspicious, so the cops asked if they could search the car. Well, they didn't want their car searched so out comes Sam the police dog and sniffs out about 1,000 hydrocodone pills with a street value of about $10,000.

Kalisha and Thomas are now behind bars on bail. Two more victims of the routine traffic stop. Nice going Kalisha and Thomas.