Remember watching Roller Derby and wondering what it was all about? Back in the 70's Roller Derby was on TV, usually on odd hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.There didn't seem to be any real rules but it was fun to watch.

Well, Roller Derby has made quite a come back and Lake Charles is home to part of that return.  It's not exactly the hottest ticket in the area, but every week more and more people are discovering the sport.  In fact, our local team, Lafitte's Ladies, are ranked number 8 in the league. I've not seen them in action but I understand it's a great evening of entertainment.  Here's more about this rapidly expanding sport.



From Their Web Post


While the League plays by WFTDA rules, We plan on becoming WFTDA apprentice by the beginning of 2013. Conversely, the Swamp Zombies play by the Banked Track standard rules, WORD. The premiere flat track team, the Lafittes are not only our travel team, but they also play home games against visiting teams. We also have the Mission UnBlockables, the resident home team. They don't travel, but several members have been known to fill in for the Lafittes, it's also the place for girls who want to derby for fun but not competitively on the road. The Unblockables also have the dual purpose of not only being the training team for new recruits, but also for league members who need to get their skills up to speed, and the place for injured skaters to rehabilitate. Eventually it will also be a home for retired skaters to keep their bodies and skills sharp. We also have the Hurricane Belles, our junior league, for girls and boys ages 7-17, to teach them the fundamentals of derby and reffing.


If you'd like to know more about Roller Derby, here is a link to all the rules: Roller Derby

To "Like" our local team, here is their Facebook page: Lafitte's Ladies