Creed Bratton's name doesn't jump to mind when you think of famous rock musicians, but he was in there for a few years. Bratton was the lead guitarist for 'The Grass Roots' for several years even though he was overshadowed by front guys Rob Grill and Warren Entner.

The Grass Roots were not exactly cutting edge rock and roll, but their chart success was pretty impressive. The band managed 14 Top 40 Hits between 1966 and 1972. They never had a song go to #1 but 'Midnight Confessions' did make it to #8 and sold more than a million copies.

Now, Rob Grill, the lead vocalist,  obviously owned the name because, after the group split, he continued to tour using the name.

What happened to Creed Bratton? Well, I found out one night while watching a very popular TV show.

It seems that, even in his rocker days, Creed Bratton was an actor at heart, but he really got to pursue his passion after the Grass Roots called it quits.

Back in 1975, Bratton had a part on 'Kolchak:The Night Stalker' and worked on TV and movies ever since. The part he's best known for is the character of 'Creed' on The Office. I was amazed when I saw the name in the show's credits and knew there could only be one Creed Bratton. Sure enough, the former lead guitarist for the Grass Roots is now a full time actor.

Creed stays busy and you can read more about him on his website.

Here's a clip from 'Hollywood Palace' when The Grass Roots appeared on that show. Creed gets his close up at about 1:30

And here we have 'The Best of Creed' from The Office