You'd think with all that money, they could buy a great season. Sometimes a teams net worth and it's win/loss record can be out of balance

According to Forbes’ list of valuable NFL teams, The Cowboys, who have won two playoff games in the last 17 years are the richest team in the NFL.  Boasting a net worth of $2.3 billion, the Cowboy's franchise is worth a lot of money on paper, but when it comes to turning that money into a shadow of the teams former glory, the Cowboy's just can't seem to get it together.

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens were the 9th most valuable team at $1.2 billion. Where did the Saints rank in the money column?

23. New Orleans Saints

Team value: $1,004 mil.
Revenue 2012: $276 mil.
Operating income 2012: $22.2 mil.

Now, while those numbers are a drop in the bucket compared to the Dallas Cowboys, Tom Benson's Saints will bring in an estimated $392 million in added revenue thanks to a shrewd deal with Mercedes-Benz. Thanks to the lease deal with Benz, the money will continue to come in through 2025.

Here are the top 5 most valuable NFL teams

1. Dallas Cowboys - $2.3 billion
New England Patriots - $1.227 billion
Washington Redskins - $1.7 billion
New York Giants - $1.55 billion
Houston Texans - $1.45 billion