As you may know we had a great time at the Monster Bash Saturday and we got to see some really great costumes. A lot of our guests showed a lot of imagination when it came to their costumes. Some were kind of spooky, but the one that took the cake was the evil clown. This guy was every bit as scary as Pennywise from the Stephen King story, It.

The guys in this video came up with a great idea and actually pulled it off. both of them dressed up in costume,but it wasn't their costumes that stood out. It was they way they pulled off a reverse trick-or-treat that made the whole idea work.

They took a door with them on their Halloween excursion and they would go up to a house and knock on the door. When the people inside opened the door they saw before them another door. Most of the people knocked on the door and the two guys would open it and give them candy. Great idea!