In today's society we all stay so busy balancing all the responsibilities we daily face. Working, bringing the kids to one practice or the other, cooking, cleaning, shopping, it's all keeping us running. What can we do to help ourselves out and who's got time to head to the spa? Believe it not, just take a bath. That's right ... a nice, luxurious, long, hot bath to help us unwind.

A good hot bath is good for our psyche, our muscles, our headaches or preventing one and lots more. It's also a chance for us to detox a little. We are exposed on a daily basis to toxins from processed foods, the air we breath and even the medicines we take.

Here's one of my favorite cheap, effective and simple "Detox in your warm bath" recipes:

under running water or while filling the tub add
one cup epsom salt
two cups baking soda
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil

Soak for 20- 40 minutes and feel better immediately. Don't forget to drink some filtered water when you get out of the bath to rehydrate. And now you are ready again to take on the world and all it's crazy demands.