He was perhaps the most reclusive man in Hollywood. Only one picture of Alan Smithee was ever made public and it was taken when he was a 22 year old extra at RKO Studios.

The famed director of such films as "Framed" and "Dreams of Silverman" was found dead in his Bel-Air home this morning.

Smithee's career began in almost complete obscurity. His mother, took him to a casting call hoping that he would be cast as Little Georgie in the well known film series by the same name. Instead, Alan was rejected but cast instead as the son of Western film star Artis Moore in the Buckskin Bobby series that was popular in the early 1940's.

At the age of 17, While filming "Red River Sal" with director Hudson Faire, Smithee began making directing suggestions that, at first irritated Faire, but as filming progressed, the elder director began to follow the 17 year- olds advice.  It was only a few months later that Smithee, now 18 directed "Saraha Crossing". Smithee never looked back and went on to direct 85 motions pictures starring such greats as: Walter Brennan, Alain DeLane and Hawk Garrison.

Smithee was married 6 times..the last to Donna Raye Ellis.  Smithee's son, Tad, announced that Smithee's ashes were scattered over the old RKO studios location.