Have you ever flipped through the pages of, say, your grandmother's cookbooks? You'll find some pretty disgusting recipes mixed in among the standard recipes. I guess a lot of those recipes reflect the times in which they were written.
For one thing, a lot of cookbooks back then focused on affordable meals for an entire family. The idea was to come up with easy to find ingredients and make the dishes as filling as possible.
A lot of the recipes were also based on how easy it was to prepare those dishes. We've all heard the phrase "harried housewife." We'll, the 1950s began that trend and housewives handled literally everything around the house. There were husbands and kids to get off to work and school not to mention all the duties connected with being the matriarch of a house full of people.
Women were interested in making a dollar go a long way and still keep the family full.
Here's a great video of two modern people trying some of those odd 1950s recipes.