If that headline doesn't grab you, nothing will. When I saw this story, I knew I had to pass it along. It sounds like something out of a 'Hardy Boys' story.

Once upon a time the ship in question, The Lyubov Orlova , was a sort of excursion ship that took people on tours of Antarctic and Arctic Circle. It featured a pretty exclusive clientele back in it's heyday, but then it fell on hard times and was sold to another country for scrap, but it didn't make it to that country and that's where the story takes a strange twist.

Built in 1976 The Lyubov Orlova was named for Russian movie star,  Lyubov Petrovna Orlova and took it's classy passengers on tours in icy regions. Then, in 2010, the ship was impounded for debts and sold to the Dominican Republic for scrap.

While the ship was being towed, the cable broke. One thing lead to another and the next thing you know, the Lyubov Orlova is left to float free. Now, the ghost ship is wandering the seas with no captain and no crew. I real honest to goodness Ghost Ship! It's not without passengers though.

On board the once beautiful ship are rats. Big, nasty rats by the thousands and, since they are stuck at sea, have become big, nasty, cannibal rats.

Right now, the Ghost Ship is believed to be on a course for Scotland. I say, 'believed to be' because (cue the scary music) no one has seen the ship since last march! At that time two beacon signals were received that were triggered by lifeboats hitting the water. And the mystery deepens.