If you get this wrong, don't feel bad. Only 10% of the people in a nation wide poll knew the correct answer.

Read more not only for the answer to that question, but also the answer to, "What is the most Romantic Language?"

If you answered "English" or "English . . . duh" or "American" . . . well, you're wrong.  But we do appreciate your MADE-IN-THE-USA PRIDE.

And if you said Spanish . . . you're still wrong, but arriba la raza.

The most popular language in the world is . . . Mandarin Chinese.  And actually, more people speak Mandarin than English and Spanish combined.

In a survey, 70% of Americans believed English was the most popular language and another 14% said Spanish.  Less than 10% correctly said Mandarin.

There are approximately 955 million native Mandarin speakers in the world.  Spanish has 407 million and English has 359 million.  Hindi is fourth, with 311 million . . . Arabic is fifth, with 293 million.

The survey also found 73% of Americans say they can't hold a conversation in more than one language.

45% of people say FRENCH is the sexiest language on Earth.  16% said Italian, 15% said English, and 10% said Spanish.