Claim: It's a Miracle !

Fact: It's Crap!


Q-Ray Bracelet Buyers Mailed Refund Checks
Nearly a quarter of a million consumers duped by the marketers of the Q-Ray “pain relief” Ionized Bracelet are being refunded more than $11 million by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC will be mailing 248,931 checks to consumers ripped off by QT Inc., Q-Ray Company, Bio-Metal Inc. and the companies’ owner, Que Te Park, aka Andrew Q. Park, who peddled the useless bracelet. Consumers who purchased the Q-Ray Bracelet and filed a claim form after being contacted by the FTC will receive a share of the more than $11.8 million the companies paid in fines to the FTC, with the average refund totaling approximately $47. Park and his companies were found guilty in 2006 of defrauding consumers with false and misleading advertising claims about the Q-Ray bracelet. The company claimed the Q-Ray worked by altering the body’s positive and negative energy to naturally relieve pain from a variety of ailments, including musculoskeletal pain, sciatica, headaches and tendonitis. Duped consumes paid anywhere from $49.95 to $249.95 for the bracelets. Consumers who receive the checks should cash them by mid-June 2011.