The odds are against this happening but hey .... people do win the lottery so this could happen. Want an explanation?

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Accoding to Dial Global researchers say it’s possible a Republican President Mitt Romney and Democrat Vice President Joe Biden could serve in the White House, but it’s improbable. Political Science Professors Michael V. Haselswerdt, a Democrat, and Kevin R. Hardwick, a Republican, said the odds of having a president and vice president of opposite parties serving at the same time are slim, but much greater this election year. With the election here, the presidential candidates could split the electoral votes evenly at 269-269 – 270 electoral votes are required to elect the president. “If that happens, the House of Representatives, which I believe will retain the Republican majority, would decide the president,” Hardwick said. “The Senate, which should retain the Democratic majority, would decide the vice president. That means that Joe Biden would be vice president for the next four years under President Mitt Romney. We would have the ‘Odd Couple’ on steroids.” The House has decided the president three times in history. In 1800 it broke an electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr, and Jefferson won. In 1824 it decided a four-way race that ultimately elected John Quincy Adams. And in 1876 it decided the race between Samuel J. Tilden and Rutherford B. Hayes, with Hayes winning.