It's been kind of a crazy week when it comes to all things that deal with the Confederate States. It's like the whole American Civil War is being debated again. First it was flags in South Carolina, then things got kind of local in the debate.

Although it was barely a footnote in last week's news, there was a confederate flag rally here in Lake Charles. that was followed by a proposal from a member of the city council to have the "South's Defenders" monument removed from the courthouse grounds here in Lake Charles.

Earlier in the week, the proposition to remove the monument and was put to a vote. IN short order, the Lake Charles City Council voted to keep the monument right where it is. We don't know if that vote will end the controversy or not, but for now, it seems to have settled the issue.

We decided to find out what you thought about the issue and here are the results of our rather informal poll.

It was a fairly close vote, but it's obvious that over 50% of the people taking the poll said that the monument should remain. thanks so much to everyone who took the time to respond to our poll!