Here's an odd little news item. It seems that the Los Angeles authorities showed up at Gene Simmons' house yesterday with a search warrant. Simmons lives in the ritzy Benedict Canyon which is located near Beverly Hills and I'm sure search warrants are a pretty rare thing in his exclusive neighborhood, but there's sort of a strange element to this story.

While the police did have a search warrant and did indeed search the Simmons' residence, neither Gene Si,,oms nor anyone in his family is suspected of a crime. Now, how odd is that? I thought that to even obtain a search warrant that the police needed some kind of "probable cause' on which to base the warrant.

According to the Associated Press:

Los Angeles police say a task force investigating Internet crimes against children served a search warrant at the home of Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, but neither Simmons nor anyone in his family is suspected in the case.

The lead detective on the case, Lt. John Jenal said that he wanted to emphasize that the Simmons family was "extremely cooperative" and that none of the family are suspects.

Phone and email messages to Simmons' publicist were not immediately returned.

The 65-year-old Simmons was the founding member of Kiss and his family was also the subject of a network reality program.

This is such an odd story. I'll keep my eyes open for a statement from Simmons and pass it along as soon as I can.