Authorities in Wales are mounting an enormous campaign to try and find the Wolfman. Not because he is terrorizing villagers but because they are concerned that the extremely cold weather in Wales might prove fatal to the much talked about seldom seen forest phantom...

The story was run in The Sun and written by John Coles

Police issued a photo of eccentric Wayne Morgan, 37, and appealed for help tracking him down amid fears he could die in the cold weather.

The long-haired loner — dubbed Wolfman because of his wild appearance — has apparently been hiding deep in the forest since 2007.

He survives by hunting rabbits and foraging for plants and berries.

Folks living in the search area say that they have spotted the man from time to time but he always shied away from human contact. Authorities have expressed concern that he may have passed away last winter since that is the last time he was seen by any of the locals willing to step forward and tell their tale.

Police Sgt Teresa Ross said,   "He lives off the land — but he may be hungry and on the lookout for food."

Last month they searched with dogs trained to detect human remains but found nothing.

The  Wolfman has been living  in six square miles of Pantyffynon Woods near Ammanford, West Wales.  Authorities say the woods are very dense and that the area is also riddled with abandoned mines.

Two years ago hikers discovered what is believed to be the Wolfman's lair.  We can assume he wasn't home at the time.  While he may indeed be in danger from the elements, he is no stranger to the woods. Family members told "The Sun" that Morgan started living off the land after he lost his job...As a forest ranger! They also had that he has been offered help but refuses it.