Super Slo-Mo fascinates me. Seeing things that happen in less than the blink of an eye is always interesting and thanks to today's amazing technology, more and more cool events are being captured in super slo-mo.

There are two guys that specialize in this type of photography known as the Slo-Mo Guys and if you like all this slo-mo video as much as I do, you ought to check out their Youtube, because I think you'd really find it interesting.

Having said that, this particular video didn't come from The Slo-Mo Guys, but it came from two of my other favorite people. This video is courtesy of Jamie and Adam, The Myth Busters. These two can always be depended upon for great fun and entertainment.

In this video, Adam and Jamie fired a pistol and filmed it at 73,000 frames per second. The resulting video is just amazing as we get to see what actually goes in fractions of a second. You can even see the bullet as it leaves the barrel along with all the smoke and gases that escape the naked eye.