What is the world coming to? No more Dilly Plates? No more blue Jell-o?

Piccadilly has announced that it will close it's Prien Lake Mall location, but don't despair. They may not be gone very long.

Jay Chauvin, Regional Manager for Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC said the company hopes to reopen at a new location in Lake Charles within six months.

The current location in the mall will remain open a bit longer but will eventually close since Simon Properties did not renew it's lease with the famous cafeteria chain.

An official with Simon Malls, which operates the Prien Lake Mall, said Piccadilly's lease expires June 1.

"Piccadilly has operated within Prien Lake Mall since the shopping center opened its doors in 1972, and we are sorry to see them go," Simon said in a news release. "However, we are looking forward to the future, and are excited about what's next for the space."

In the meantime....blue Jell-o for everyone!