Black Friday Madness has begun. People are already camping out in front of some of the national chains in order to be among the first in line for those special prices.

I did a check here locally and saw no evidence of Black Friday Madness anywhere, but it won't be long.

Oddly enough, many of the places that report 'campers' are in parts of the country that are quite cold!

I don't understand people who line up for 24 hours outside a store to get in first on Black Friday.  You're willing to freeze and fight just to save a few bucks on a TV?  So I really don't understand what drives these folks, but, to each his own.


Reports have come in from two different Best Buys in northeast Ohio . . . where it's really cold right now, by the way . . . of people camping out to be the first ones inside next week. Our local Best Buy, at least as of Saturday the 23rd, had no such insanity going on.

I'd just as soon do my shopping on line with all the comforts of home around me.

I know there are stores out there, not necessarily Best Buy, where the prices are lower because so is the quality! Beware of super low price TV's.

Reporters interviewed some people outside the Best Buy in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, who say that it's not about the prices, it's about the adventure. My response to that is a resounding, "Whatever."