First he got Knighted and now Sir Paul will get a "Halo." You may soon be playing the latest game to the music of the former Beatle (I'll bet he gets sick of being referred to as "The Former Beatle) Here's the scoop on McCartney's project:



Paul even Tweeted, “I’m really excited to be working on writing music with Bungie, the studio that made ‘Halo.’”

"Halo4" would be coming up next, but there is no confirmation that McCartney's work will be for that edition. In fact, speculation is that he is working on the version to follow that. ( I'm just taking a stab in the dark and calling it "Halo 5." this will be Sir Paul's first foray into gaming music.

In other McCartney news, the rocker has just lent his backing to the Humane Society International’s ‘Be Cruelty-Free’ campaign. The vocalist stated, “If every cosmetic tested on rabbits or mice had a photo on the packaging showing these animals with weeping swollen eyes and inflamed skin, I believe everyone would leave cruelty on the shelf and go for the cruelty-free option instead.”

Thanks Paul...Uh, could you pass the tofu, please?