It's kind of hard to imagine, but Paul McCartney and his current band have been together longer than the Beatles. Of course, the dynamics are completely different, but it's very unusual for a 'back-up band' to stay together for so long.

The longevity of the band caught Sir Paul quite by surprise and it was only recently that he pointed out to his fellow players, 'We're a real band.'

I've always thought that Brian Wilson and any four random guys could be the Beach Boys. It's somewhat the same when it comes to Paul McCartney. I thought that each time Sir Paul goes on tour, that he hires random musicians to accompany him. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Paul noted that Brian Ray, Rusty Anderson, Paul "Wix" Wickens and Abe Laboriel, Jr., have now played with him for a longer period of time than the Beatles.  Wickens has been with McCartney since he returned to the road in 1989.

McCartney added that, since they've been playing together for such a long time, they can pretty much musically read each others minds.  Judging from the incredible success of McCartney's tours over the past decade, I'd say that mind reading must be pretty much spot on.

Paul and the band have no tours scheduled right now, but the man tours constantly. After reading the story of his band, I'd like to see them just to hear how tight they must be. I've never seen McCartney, but Heather says it's well worth the ticket prices which can run as high as $250 a shot!