The downtown businesses and the city have sort of been at odds for sometime now regarding live music.  It seemed that the city wanted lots of businesses to locate downtown as long as they didn't have any kind of noise or loud music. Club owners were at a loss as to how to bring in customers for live music without having live music. Sound like a catch 22? Well it was. Now, the way has somewhat been cleared for places like Luna Live to have their live bands with a permit!

The Lake Charles City Council decided to extend the hours parties or large gatherings can operate in the evening. But first the party host has to apply for a variance from the City Council.

According to City Councilman Dana Jackson, a  noise variance from the City will help avoid any noise complaints from neighbors,

"It gives people an opportunity and it also stops people  in a residential neighborhood from having a great big party and staying going until 3 o'clock in the morning," Jackson said.

By applying for a noise variance from the city, party hosts can get their party hours extended.

Downtown party hours are longer than the rest of the Lake Charles area ( the cut off is 10 p.m. in South Lake Charles) but promoters will need a noise variance to stay open later.