It seems that Devin Blake Badon just can't stay out of trouble. His affinity for trouble has led to two arrest in the past two weeks.

Badon, who was on parole for his involvement in a 2011 homicide has now added two more arrest to his blotter.

On Tuesday of this week, Badon was arrested for parole violation, drug possession and for taking contraband into a penal institution. Last week, Badon was nabbed by the Sulphur PD on a charge of simple battery following an altercation in which he allegedly attacked a man and picked him up by the neck.

Badon, was on parole following his conviction in his role in a 2011 murder in which he supplied the gun and ammunition while David Caleb Fontenot was found guilty of 2nd degree murder in March of last year.

Badon had been sentenced to three years in prison and five years probation for his involvement in that crime.