I don't mean the super funny TV show. I mean the scientific theory that everything was created by a bag massive space explosion.

Less than 21% buy into the Big Bang Theory. Here are some other scientific ideas that Americans buy and don't buy.

1.  82% of people now strongly agree that smoking causes cancer.

2.  71% agree that mental illness is a "medical condition".

3.  69% think our DNA affects our personality.

4.  And 65% believe that overusing antibiotics creates drug-resistant bacteria.

5.  But only 53% are confident that it's safe to vaccinate kids.

6.  Just 33% say humans are probably the main cause of global warming.

7.  Only 31% strongly believe in the theory of evolution.

8.  Only 27% agree that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

9.  And just 21% of Americans strongly agree that the universe was created by a big bang.

The numbers kind of surprised me. I guess I get exposed to a lot of mass media and to hear their opinions, only a tiny minority don't believe most of these 'facts.'