After I went through radiation treatments for throat cancer back in 1994 ... I found myself in a mountain of debt. I did the dumb thing and paid off the hospital with my credit cards. That left me with some big credit card bills and I was looking for a way out. I called a credit card relief agency and made a very sobering discovery.

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It all sounded good at first. The company would get in touch with my credit card holders and get my interest rates and balance dropped. Then I would send the credit card relief company a smaller monthly payment that they would apply to one card at a time until it was paid off. Then they would start paying the next card. I have a felling the tax relief companies work in much the same way.

It all sounded good till I ask one question .."When will I be totally out of credit card debt?" This was obviously the one question the credit card relief service was not willing to answer. They gave me a big run around telling me how they had the Better Business Bureau seal of approval and all.The problem was they could never answer my question.

This made me very uncomfortable. It seemed like an easy question to me. I ask it several times and never got an answer; in fact the person on the other end got very defensive and almost rude. I decided not to use the company.

Let this be a warning to you if you are thinking about using one of these companies. If they can not tell you exactly when you will be out of credit card debt or exactly when you will have your tax bdebt paid off the other way!