Well, we're as happy as the next guy that there's football, especially since the teams I dislike lost and my Detroit Lions actually won...somebody on one of those pre-game shows Sunday mentioned "playoffs"...yeah, ok.

MLB is heading into the playoffs and my Detroit Tigers are poised to make it this year.  Last night, the Tigers were 14-4 winners over  the White Sox to move  11and a half games ahead of both the White Sox and the Indians in the AL Central.  The Yankees are now 4 games ahead of the Red Sox in the AL East after besting Seattle 9-3 last night.  The Angels lost to Oakland 6-3 and are now 3 behind Texas in the AL West.

In the NL, the Phillies and Braves both lost, leaving the Phils 12 games up on the Braves in the East. In the West the Diamondbacks and the Giants won, so Arizona is 8 and a half ahead of SF, and in the Central, the Cards are now 6 and a half behind the Brewers after losing to the Pirates.