Every country on earth contributes something to the rest of the world. Granted, not all the contributions are of a positive nature.

For example, Sweden has the most atheist. Well, that's hardly a contribution to anything.

Australia has the most deadly animals and melanoma. Again, not a marketable commodity, but other countries have their share of contributions and a site called 'Doghouse Diaries' has assembled a detailed, if tongue-in-cheek list.

Let's start right here at home:

America: the U.S. leads the world in Nobel laureates . . . AND people getting killed by lawnmowers.

For Canada, it's maple syrup and asteroid impacts.  Australia has deadly animals and melanoma, and Russia leads in raspberries and nuclear warheads.

Venezuela leads the world in producing Miss Universe winners.  India makes the most movies.

Africa has some of the more random results.  Cameroon leads the world in killer lakes.  Gabon leads in sun-tailed monkeys.  Rwanda has the most women in parliament.  And Morocco is number one in couscous production.

Here is a great map of the countries and their dubious contributions.