Saving money is something we all care about these days. And wasting anything is a big no-no at our home. In order to keep our happy home in harmony there are a few minor changes that we can make to insure the ongoing happiness (at least in the kitchen).

If you  are like me and absolutely hate having to throw food away when you are putting new groceries in the refrigerator, there's a  better way to store these things..which is NOT,, by the way, in the fridge.  Some items kept at room temperature can actually be better for them. Storing foods properly will preserve their flavor, their healthy properties and even the way they look.

Here's a quick list of food to store outside of the fridge:

Honey ,hot sauce, garlic, coffee, tomatoes, onions ,basil and other fresh herbs, potatoes and tomatoes.  Even melons will lose their antioxidants stored in the refrigerator.

So next time you go to unload those fresh groceries or to clean out your refrigerator, be sure to save yourself some money and spare yourself wasting what could be perfectly good food..