This week's listener polls covered subjects from superstitions to indoor bear hunting. We also dove into your thoughts on the NFL network and having to pay to watch a Saints game.

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It is very clear that you are not happy with Saints games only being shown on the NFL Network that is only available on Dish. The Question was "Would you subscibe to the Dish Network just to watch the NFL Network?" You strongly (66%) said "No ... The NFL games should be viewable by all and not just Dish subscribers."

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New Orleans has been called "The Vampire Capitol of the United States." Our Halloween Poll questions was "Do You Think There are Vampires in New Orleans?" It seems that not that many of you are superstitious as 54% said "There is no such thing as vampires" while 34% believe and think New Orleans is the perfect place for a vampire.

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Now we delve into the world of indoor bear hunters ... or something like that. A man in Florida is now facing charges because he shot a bear that had broke into his house. We wondered if you would shoot a bear if one would ever decide to burglarize your home. It seems most of you (55%) said that they would shoot the bear (several times!.) Some (33%) said they would simply leave the home while 4% would put on a roux!