It's the End of an Era . . . the Sears Portrait Studio is Dead ! How ever will you preserve those magical family moments like this one?



HIGHLIGHTS:  It's the end of an era, folks . . . the Sears Portrait Studios just shut down.

Now, these pictures are not the reason Sears Portrait Studios has gone away. In fact, none of these pictures are even from Sears. Still, it is representative of the way a lot of families take family pictures.

Actually, this story, while it's true, is just an excuse to put up pictures from one of the best and funniest websites ever....Awkward Family Photos!

Here are some real doozies!


Conjoined twins. They are obviously joined at the "no fashion sense" gland.


awkwardfamily photos

For once, Lucille wasn't having a bad hair day!



No doubt Dad killed the leopard with his bare hands.


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