The Rolling Stones may be many things, but, for the most part they do try not to be too predictable. I mean really..what kind of band doesn't tour to celebrate their 50th anniversary. For that matter, how many bands have stayed together that long?

The Stones have announced that they just aren't ready for a tour right now. There is another reason they aren't hitting the road right now as well.


The Rolling Stones are still going strong 50 years and 29 studio albums later, but the legendary band won't go on tour this year to celebrate their golden anniversary. This year would've marked the Stones' first tour since their epic two-year “Bigger Bang” tour, which ended in 1997. But both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have confirmed that the band isn't ready to hit the road just yet. However, the group has now set their sights on 2013, which Keith Richards says is the better choice anyway. “The Stones always really considered '63 to be 50 years, because Charlie [Watts] didn't actually join until January,” Richards told Rolling Stone magazine. “We look upon 2012 as sort of the year of conception, but the birth is next year.”