Autocorrect is a duel edged sword. It's kind of nice that it tries to predict what word you may be 'thumbing', but it's irritating as hell when it guess wrong. Well, that's the nature of technology. On the upside, it keep us from looking stupid, on the downside, if we don't pay close attention, it can make us look stupid.

Now, in addition to auto correcting our bad spelling, a new program will correct our grammar as well.

As you can see in our headline, we used the wrong version of "your.' No one would say, "you are grammar", but a lot of people text it. How about the whole "to"/"too" problem? All things of the past thanks to new technology that can make any of us look like English experts.

What Autocorrect has done for your spelling skills, Autogrammar will do for your inability to properly use the correct version of “their/there/they’re.”  Nuance, the web developers responsible for T9 (a.k.a. predictive typing) is in the process of designing grammar-correcting software for smartphones.  Whether you’re a grammar nerd who can’t bear the thought of your text recipients thinking your iPhone-typing gaffe was in fact a true mistake, or simply someone who sucks at grammar, this may be a dream come true.