A 'back to School' ad from J.C. Penny has been pulled because some 'parents group' claims the ad 'promotes bullying."

J.C. Penny has caved in to pressure and pulled an ad because they were 'bullied'


I'll bite my tongue while you watch the ad


Parents accuse thecommercials of promoting bullying, since they suggest that kids who don’t get new clothes for the school year will be picked on and left out.  One critic called the ad “callous” and another said that it “has just added one more thing that a child can be bullied about.”  Some parents have pointed out that the commercial doesn’t just make kids feel bad.  It also puts pressure on families, many of whom are struggling financially, to shell out hard-earned cash for new outfits to prevent their children from being bullied.  In response, J.C. Penney has already agreed to stop airing the ad.

Okay, you've seen the ad. Do you feel that anything in the ad promotes 'bullying?"

Good grief. Wearing the 'right clothes' has been around forever and it's not going away.  This so called 'parents group' must watch TV just looking for something to offend their sensibilities. You know the type; they don't approve of winning or losing contest because the 'loser' might get their feelings hurt. The kind of people that want to give out ribbons that say, "I showed up."