The BBB is once again receiving calls from local residents concerning an Internet scam hitting this area. Computer hackers are gaining access to email accounts and social networking sites to assume someone's identity to get money. Here's how it works:

The email looks like it is from a friend, who claims to be in a financial jam overseas, but the BBB President, Carmen Million says beware; it's a scam.

The e-mail comes from a friend's account and is written with a sense of urgency. The writer says they're overseas, claims to have lost their wallet, or some other story and ask the friend to wire $2,500 so they can sort out the issue and fly back home.

If you respond, they tell you how to send the money through Western Union. Million warns consumers not to respond. Before going to the rescue, pick up the phone and call your family member or friend directly.

If your email account has been hacked, you should notify your contacts immediately and file a complaint with IC3, an internet crime complaint center,