thought you'd kicked your Angry Birds addiction. Well, bird flingers, get ready for the next level of Angry Birds..and it's available now!

Here's where to get it.


The Finnish maker of the popular “Angry Birds” game says its “Angry Birds Space” sequel is out now for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Mac and Windows. Complete with a NASA tie-in, the new version from game developer Rovio allows players to fling angry birds at the horrible green pig villains in zero gravity, slingshot them around a moon, and even manipulate the gravity of nearby space objects for “trick” shots. Owners of iPhones and iPods can buy the game for $0.99 while the cost of the iPad version is $3. Computer users can also play “Angry Birds Space.” The Mac App store has it for $5 and Windows computer users can purchase it directly from Rovio for $6. A free ad-supported version for Android smartphones is available from Google Play, with Rovio saying it is planning a non-ad version for $0.99.