Years ago, I lived in an apartment. Now, I hate apartments for several reasons, but the main reason is that my musical taste are never the same as my neighbors. I used to walk over, knock on their door and ask them to turn it down, but that didn't always work because they obviously thought I meant just for a few minutes or until bedtime, then they could crank it up again. I finally found a way to cure a noisy, inconsiderate, red-neck neighbor.

One Sunday I was having a nice, quiet afternoon around the old apartment when suddenly, there came a cacophony from the adjoining wall. I don't know who the "artist" was since I'm hardly a fan of country music. All I knew was that it was very loud and very annoying. I had a plan in mind for the next time I heard loud music from Billy-Bob's apartment and I decided to put that plan into effect.

I just happened to have a great CD of bagpipe music and I turned my speakers to the wall, turned the volume up to 11 and let her rip. I decided that, instead of sticking around to see what Billy-Bob would do, I left the house. For the entire day.

When I got home that evening, there was a note on my door that said, "I get it already." I never heard from that neighbor again. Mission accomplished. Many thanks to the many bagpipe artists that helped teach Billy-Bob a lesson. He no longer feels that the only reason I don't like his music is because I've never heard it at the proper volume.

Well, the guy in this video took my idea and took it up several steps in technology. This guys invention detects loud music from the apartment next door and automatically starts giving them a dose of their own medicine with the very annoying "Who Let the Dogs Out." Kudos to the inventor.