One of the hardest things for any parent is watching your kids cry. I didn't mind last night though because I knew my son and new daughter's tears were from happiness.

Don RIvers

My son Dillon and his wife Chelsea are now cruising toward tropical destinations. The families and guest from last nights wedding and reception are talking about how great everything went last night. I think my son cried more at the alter than she did though. His best man and life long friend had his back with plenty of Kleenex. He knows that my son has a soft heart and was prepared.  Chelsea cried coming down the isle and at one point buried her heal on her dads shoulder. It was a special moment between father and daughter that I'm sure they will never forget. She was certainly a very beautiful bride. The wedding was different than any I have ever attended and that was the plan. I think Chelsea has a future in wedding planning if she wishes. Everything from the music to the attire had her special touch and made the wedding unique to her and Dillon.

The reception was wonderful. The staff at Brentwood Country Club and the wedding planner did a great job. The cutting of the cake, the throwing of the garter and bouquet, the toast, and the bride and grooms exit through and isle of sparklers were all flawless. The DJ was great and everybody danced and celebrated together. It's so much fun to see several generations on a dance floor smiling, laughing and forgetting all of their troubles for a celebration of love. I especially love watching the little kids dance.  It was a fantastic evening and you know the video is coming soon. I have to say special thanks to Chili for coming out and capturing the evening for us.

This is a video of the reception site a few hours before the reception.