In Hollywood, when an actor just can't get a role anymore, they say, "He couldn't get arrested." But when a very wanted criminal can't get arrested, things have gone too far.

That very ludicrous situation actually played out in Malmo, Sweden.

A Swedish fugitive wanted in connection with a 2011 murder tried to turn himself in this week, only to be turned away from the police station because it was closed! The 45-year-old suspect had been on the run since killing a 31-year-old gang leader in Malmö.


The suspect, Saleh Hadri, showed up at the Malmo police station shortly after 6 pm Monday, where he was told that the station was closed. "Closed? I'm suspected of murder and a wanted man – you guys really want to get ahold of me," he said into the intercom.

Malmo p.d.

Now, one would think that statement (and confession) would do the trick, right? No, he was directed  to another police station, where he was finally placed under arrest. When asked why the suspected murderer was turned away, a police commander responded, "We are undergoing renovations. Things are a bit messy right now,"

I have a feeling that things are about to get a lot messier.