Among the art world, the most famous scream is, of course, "The Scream" by

Donald Miralle
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Behind the scenes in Hollywood there is a much more famous scream and it's not Fay Wray's scream in King Kong. Agreed, that scream was iconic and earned her the dubious title of  "Queen of Scream." The scream i refer to is called "The Wilhelm Scream" and it's been used in over 200 movies from B- westerns to gigantic blockbusters like Star Wars and Indiana Jones.


Here's the story:

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(Above) Fay Wray About to scream

A couple of bits of terminology. When movie producers need certain sound effects, they go to a sound effects library and the contents are called "stock" effects. The sounds can be anything from a car backfire to an explosion to a scream. These effects get used hundreds of times in all sorts of movies and TV shows.


The"Wilhelm Scream" dates back to 1951 and a movie called "Distant Drums."




The scream was recorded in five or six takes by an actor/singer by the name of Sheb Wooley. The scream takes it's name from the character in a different movie called "The Charge at Feather River". Since that time, producers have used that classic scream in over 200 motion pictures.



Here are just a few of those 200 pictures that used the "Wilhelm Scream".