Go ahead and read the headline again to make sure you red it right. Now, I'm not putting our fair city down by any means, but the most romantic city in America? Well, that's what the folks that own the familiar red kiosk all over the country known as Red Box.

According to the well-known movie rental company, Lake Charles has the most romantic people in the country and it's all based on the movies we rent. One movie in particular seems to set the standard and that movie is The Notebook.

My morning partner, Susan, just loves this movie. On the other hand, I saw it once and I give it a rating of, "It was an okay movie to watch once." Obviously I'm in the minority on this one, but, then again, when it comes to movies I usually am.

I saw it at a time in my life when I was force fed "Chick Flicks" and nothing else, so I was not a willing participant. I watched it because my (former) girlfriend wouldn't watch anything but Chick Flicks.

I'm just glad we came out on top of a good poll. "Most Romantic City in America." Not bad considering some of the other polls we've made.