Play At Your Own Risk with these Apps!

Most Risky Web Apps

According to WatchGuard security researchers, the fastest growing threat to corporate networks is web-based social media applications. These apps can seriously compromise network security, expose sensitive data, and create productivity drains on employees. The following applications are deemed to be the most risky according to WatchGuard:

Facebook: Facebook is the most dangerous social media site today, largely based upon its popularity. With a 500+ million user following, Facebook offers a fertile attack surface for hackers. Add in the potential technical concerns, such as a questionable, open App API and you have a recipe for disaster.

Twitter: One would assume that very little damage could be done in 140 characters. Wrong. In some cases, Twitter’s short form posts lead to new vulnerabilities such as URL shorteners, which can also help hackers hide malicious links. Twitter also suffers from many Web 2.0 and API related vulnerabilities that allow various attacks and even Twitter worms.

YouTube: Because it is one of the most popular online video sites, attackers are drawn to targeting YouTube. Hackers often create malicious web pages that masquerade as YouTube video pages. Additionally, attackers like to spam the comment section of YouTube videos with malicious links.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn bears more burden than other social media sites; it is business oriented. So it makes a more attractive target to attackers, as LinkedIn is highly trusted. Because most users leverage LinkedIn to form business relationships or find jobs, they tend to post more valuable and potentially sensitive information.

4chan: 4chan is a popular image board, a social media site where users post images and comments. 4chan has been involved in many Internet attacks attributed to “anonymous,” which is the only username that all 4chan users can obtain. Some of 4chans image boards contain the worst depravities found on the Internet. Many hackers spam their malware to the 4chan forums.

Chatroulette: Chatroulette is an up-and-coming site that allows webcam owners to connect and chat with random people. The nature of this anonymous webcam system makes it a likely target for Internet predators.