With the State of Louisiana slowly dismantling the LSU Hospital system, employees and patients at Moss Regional Hospital here in Lake Charles are being spared the axe.  Memorial Hospital will be taking over the charity hospital after an announcement made today.

The American Press reports that a "public/private partnership between Moss Regional and Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, along with their partner West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital" will keep Moss afloat.  Patient services should stay intact.  Memorial and West Cal-Cam will lease parts of Moss.

The other news is that Moss will stay a charity hospital for the uninsured and those on Medicaid.

There's still a lot of paperwork to be done, but the LSU system has been working toward dumping its charity hospitals statewide over the last year.

State run hospitals in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette have also adopted public/private partnerships to curtail funding cuts.

Bruce Greenstein, Department of Health and Hospitals secretary, said the partnership will allow Moss Regional to avoid layoffs and maintain current services.

“The LSU System has been on an accelerated path to redesign health care services because of Congress’ sudden actions in July to reduce federal medical assistance ... to the lowest level Louisiana has had in more than 25 years,” he said. “(The) decrease has caused us to speed up this transformation.”

--American Press