Corporal Austin Peloquin just happened to be driving by a drug store in Moss Bluff Friday night when he spotted a truck just driving around in the parking lot of the store. The truck naturally caught his attention and as he was watching the scene, a man with a mask over his face came out of a nearby convenience store and got into the truck.

Naturally, Peliquin stopped the truck and inside he found Jeremy M. Hebert, 26, and Steven B. Floyd, 29. He also found a power tool, I assume it was a drill, that had been disguised as a gun in the truck with the two men. Well, it goes without saying that if a cop sees you run from a store with a mask on your face, he's going to arrest you and that's exactly what happened.

It turns out that Hebert had entered the store with the power tool and was about to leave with an undisclosed amount of money when Peloquin fouled up their entire operation. Since Floyd was driving the 'getaway car' and had supplied the power tool, both men were arrested and charged with first-degree robbery. It ws not our boys first brush with the law either.

Hebert is currently on parole for simple burglary. Floyd has a warrant out of Texas for contempt of court.

Bond has not been set in the case as yet, but a big hats off to Corporal Austin Peloquin. It's not that often that the bad guys get caught in the act.