I mentioned in a previous post how my friend, Pat McClure used to mess with the rules of Monopoly and it made me think about some of the other games we played a lot. With the Mattel Lie Detector Game, there was not much we could do about changing the rules, but on the NHL Hockey, we made one major change to make the game MUCH more interesting!

Lie Detector was a fun game. You put in one card that no one could see and that became the "guilty party." After that you would call "witnesses" and they would give a clue. You stuck a small electronic probe and it would tell you whether or not that witness gave a true statement. Eventually, you had to make a guess as to the identity of the guilty party. As I say, not much you can do about those rules, but Pat and I figured out a way to make the NHL Hockey Game better.


The original game had players who could move up and down the ice and rotate 360 degrees. The problem with the game was that stupid wooden puck. It was too slow and sometimes it would stop where none of the little players could reach it. Solution?

We used a marble instead. Believe me, it added a whole new dimension to the game. Pat could slap shot that marble past me like a blue streak!

Did you and your friends play any games like this that you wish were still around? Find a picture and tell us about it on Facebook. I'd really like to hear about it!